Update: Boyce Technologies Expansion

Boyce Technologies facility expansion update

BTI at HP Station

The 7 Train HP Station in Long Island City will now be known as Help Point Station!
Ok, maybe that is only a dream, but when we started looking for a new facility large enough to combine our operations, it seemed like a good omen to find one near the Hunters Point Avenue subway station.

Boyce Technologies is excited to share an update on our recent announcement of the consolidation of our three current locations and our newly purchased building here in New York City. This is our fourth expansion in the past ten years and by far our biggest and best yet!

By the end of this year, our newly renovated 100,000 square-foot facility will allow our expanding team to design new products faster, create full prototypes in-house, and all while quadrupling our current capacity, all under one roof. We will be poised and ready for whatever new challenges come our way.

Our dream has always been to create a space that would cater to difficult design and engineering challenges. Within one company, we start from brainstorming concepts to developing the final tested turnkey products – the culmination of resources rarely seen in one place. Along with this vision, Boyce Technologies has developed strategic relationships with important suppliers and engineering firms. With nearly limitless resources and capabilities, we are positioned to provide major elements for many of the upcoming security and communications projects. Boyce Technologies has not only established its place as a world-class turnkey systems engineering company but also as a fully integrated manufacturing facility.

Boyce Technologies will be adding jobs at every level, from entry to professional. Expanding our facilities gives us additional space to grow our dynamic team. Our expanded team of electrical, mechanical and software engineers will continue to push the boundaries of technological innovation. Our R&D department, with over 10,000 square feet of dedicated space, will be able to develop prototypes and bring them to production at speeds unheard of in this industry. Our manufacturing and production teams will leverage the latest best-in-class machines and equipment to meet the immediate demands of our customers. Every step of our workflow will be tracked and monitored in one cohesive Enterprise Resource Planning system, and will be enhanced with interactive displays throughout the facility to allow immediate receipt and distribution of materials and work.

Besides our extensive design, engineering, software, and development capabilities, here are some highlights of our advanced manufacturing capabilities:

Computerized Machining Centers

Our multitude of 3 and 5 axis Hurco Vertical Machining Centers give us unparalleled speed and accuracy. By reading and converting CAD files to operational programs, they save hours of programming time. We have the ability to program complex parts within minutes for small or large runs. The graphic systems allow operators to see cuts before they are made, reducing wasted material, time, and errors.

Robotic Laser Welding

We can connect metal subcomponents using more common ways such as screws or rivets, and conventional welding methods like MIG and TIG welding. But there is also the comparatively newer method of laser welding – bonding metal with light. Our Trumpf 5020 laser can be used to produce fine weld spots of one millimeter in diameter as well as very long deep-welded seams. It can produce very narrow seam geometries with a large depth to width ratio and warping is minimal. With the robotic arm and dedicated work cell, laser welding brings capabilities to Boyce Technologies not frequently seen elsewhere.

Laser Cutting

Our Trumpf laser cutting machine runs on the energy efficient fully integrated 4kW TruDisk laser. Our TruLaser 2030 fiber offers flexible and economic laser processing across a variety of materials and thicknesses. The machine is controlled by a user-friendly touch screen interface which graphically displays the program and all essential information. Our pallet changer offers lights-out capabilities for improved part cutting efficiencies.

Laser Etching

Our fiber laser etcher is used for etching and marking all types of bare metals and plastics with text, logos, barcodes, serial numbers or any other images. We communicate to the laser directly from any graphic software program for easy job setup and etch an entire table full of parts at one time. The combination of flying-optic design and the highest quality engraving results provide a superior solution.

Waterjet Cutting

We operate the most advanced and robust high-pressure abrasive waterjet cutting systems available anywhere. Our machines use ‘HyperPressure’ at 94,000 psi, which increases velocity beyond Mach 3—creating a faster, more powerful cutting tool suitable for any material. This allows us to cut thicker material with increased precision and productivity. And now we can even cut sideways.

CNC Bending

Our Trumpf TruBend CNC press brake system brings together the best quality with simple operation and a fully integrated solution. Our bending center provides cost-efficiency, even when operated at low capacity and high part accuracy. Our sheet metal capabilities are fully integrated using the TruTops Boost platform which puts Boyce Technologies into a new dimension of capability and productivity. The software covers every order processing step, from 3D components to finished NC programs for bending, punching and laser programs.

Selective Soldering

Since through-hole pins are still necessary for many printed circuit boards (PCBs), this can either be soldered by hand, or it can be done with a selective soldering machine. While this process can be cumbersome, Boyce Technologies has turned to selective soldering as a precise and cost effective way to solder through-hole technology. Basically, a CNC controlled ‘mini-wave’ is position perfectly at the through-hole components. Using a combination of SMT, selective soldering and wave soldering, we can offer all soldering technologies to produce amazing multi-technology boards.

Wave Soldering

Wave soldering is a process by which large PCBs can be soldered quickly and reliably during assembly. A wave of solder is set up and the PCBs are passed over this so that the underside of the boards just contacts the solder wave. In this way, a complete board can be soldered in a matter of seconds.

Prototype PCBs

Developing a PCB prototype quickly and with flexibility is essential. This allows Boyce Technologies engineers to test ideas and easily make adjustments to create a sample circuit board. Our CAD software prepares the specific layout data for the circuit board prototypes and multilayer and through-hole capabilities allow us to create perfect samples. Once our prototypes are tested, the same files to create them are sent to the PCB manufacturer for project quantities. The greatest advantages of in-house PCB prototyping are to reduce our fabrication of PCB prototypes from weeks to minutes, be independent and to solve our most complex and diverse design tasks in the easiest way.

Injection Molding

Injection molding allows us to produce parts by injecting resins into molds. After we design a part, we make our own molds to form the features of the part. The mold is inserted it into our press to produce ready to use parts right away. We prefer injection molding over advances in 3D printing technology simply because once the part is tested, mass production can begin immediately.

Powder Coating

Our automated complete finishing system is modular with an advanced power and conveyor system using smart control technology, which allows individual sections of the conveyor to move independently in both speed and direction (including reverse). This allows each process area – wash, liquid paint, powder coating, cure or delivery – to act independently of the rest of the system for the ultimate system flexibility to obtain the highest quality and throughput.

Cable Harness Cutting and Crimping

Along with the fasted automated stripping and cutting machines, our crimping presses are equipped with crimp height measurement. This is the best nondestructive way to ensure meeting the stringent mechanical and electrical properties of any crimp. Crimp height is one of five different process analysis methods featured in our new TE Crimp Quality Monitor presses. The CQM analysis methods provide flexibility and ensure quality crimps are produced and faulty crimps are detected.

Second Operations and Finishing Areas

This includes deburring, power washing, fine sanding, treating, milling and tumbling, which allows Boyce Technologies to provide state of the art equipment to our expanding highly skilled specialized team. Having a dedicated team with dedicated equipment allow us to provide immaculate in-house finishes with a cost and time savings since setup and break down time are greatly reduced or eliminated.

And there are so much more…like our robotic dispensing system, UV curing conveyor system, full line SMT automated pick and place system, and this list goes on and on. It’s safe to say that in order to meet our customers’ demands in our turnkey facility, every bit of technology and manufacturing equipment is under one roof.

Views of NYC from Boyce Technologies
A Gym with a View

For our valued customers during major long-term projects, our new facility will be set up to accommodate hospitality offices and secure storage areas for equipment and materials. And there will always be plenty of parking and amazing views of Manhattan.

Boyce Technologies recognizes that our most valuable investment is in our amazing team. For our employees, we will enhance our wellness program by expanding our cafe, which provides free healthy breakfasts and lunches, and also by adding an on-site fitness facility with exercise equipment as well as a certified wellness director helping the staff meet their fitness goals.

With this enormous investment, Boyce Technologies is leading the way into the future of electronic design, manufacturing, and integration in North America. And we’ve only just begun.

One roof, one hundred thousand square feet

BTI Architecture Rendering
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