Headquarters, R&D Center,
Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Our main facility at Pearson has an incredibly large compliment of state of the art equipment for electronic and mechanical systems development and fabrication.  The rapid design and prototyping process can only be accomplished by executing the tasks in house and not requiring subcontracted fabrication shops.

With a large number of CNC machines, high powered laser cutting machines, numerous robotic welding machines, automated paint/powder coating, full SMT circuit board manufacturing line, automated cable making equipment, 3D printers, large scale laser UV printing, thermoforming, injection molding, robotic automation systems and a full set of core materials processing, we deliver solutions without ever needing to leave the building.

Boyce Technologies Production OFM

Research Rover

When we do leave the building, we have the mobile Research Rover which is custom built, fully equipment field engineering and repair center. Our Research Rover is ready to assist with field customization and engineer while providing a comfortable and safe environment for personnel.
Boyce Technologies Research Rover
Boyce Technologies Research Rover Inside

Staging Facility

The BTI Staging facility is equipped to facilitate large systems integration and pre-installation final testing and kitting.


We provide local warehousing resources to assist with the installation process and rapid deployments.