Boyce Technologies provides complete network and communications solutions for the subways and trains in New York City and beyond. We have rapidly developed life safety and physical systems for New York.

Our Services Division provides installation assistance, maintenance and site survey functions to our customers, installation contractors and designers.

Help Point Units

Boyce Technologies produces a complete Help Point System with a variety of technology and installation options that are easily customizable for any feature set or location.

Passenger Stations Local Area Network Nodes

Our operations oriented networks are engineered to be highly available systems that have been ruggedized for installation in harsh environments and do not require traditional telecom maintenance.

Critical Communications Systems

Emergency communications systems are core to our business. We provide complete turnkey field equipment and control center dispatch systems that are customized for the operational needs of the users.

Radio Systems

Underground public safety radio communication systems are very complex that require unique tuning at every location. BTI provides custom radio systems for the most difficult locations so that first responders can do what we all need them to do.

Urban Technology Systems

Traditional city infrastructure is evolving to include technology to assist with urban planning, safety & security, customer experience and more. Our solutions integrate urban tech to really realize ‘smart cities’.

Public Address/Customer Information Systems

Providing passengers with real time information enhances the customer experience with public transportation. BTI provides all aspects of these systems with a variety of solutions from subway station public address to station entry service information systems.

Rolling Stock Systems

Our certified equipment for subway and commuter trains includes access points, mobile access routers, power/network controllers, custom mounting brackets and power/data cabling.

Security Systems

BTI has products that have moved the computing and storage literally to the edge of a platform at a subway station. We have developed high processing computers with mass storage platforms that are incredibly small that are installed in urban environments.

Emergency Communication Systems

We build mission critical systems to monitor, report and communicate with essential field personnel that integrates with local alarm, security and telephony equipment.