Where’s the Bus?

Boyce Technologies NYC Bus SignWe create solutions while you are standing at the bus stop.

Today, transportation infrastructure is as crucial as ever to create a more efficient economy. Transportation systems need to meet the challenge of the growing demand for their services. We thrive on these challenges.

Boyce Technologies has recently responded to a question that many bus riders need answered; “when is the next bus arriving?” Our R&D department took the challenge of developing a solution. We set out to create a sign at your local bus station, indicating the number of minutes, or stops, in which the next bus is located.

Within two weeks, the Boyce Technologies R&D team brainstormed, developed, wired and programmed the software that would bring to life an interactive system in which a rider can obtain information, from up to six displays, about the next bus arrival. Our unit is also accessible for visually impaired commuters.

We engineered the sign for minimal wiring, connected by PCBs to PCBs, which makes it aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain. Photo light sensors will increase or decrease the LED lights of the sign which help with power consumption. Internally, the unit is modular with an onboard processor and lithium-ion power supply.

We continue to fine-tune our new bus sign to ensure we create the best solution possible that can withstand the harsh transit environment. Boyce Technologies R&D department consists of some of the best engineers and software developers in New York City. We are proud of our growing team, and we are proud to continue to serve New York.

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