Update on our new Long Island City Expansion

What is the Boyce Technologies Pearson Place Expansion?

The nuts and bolts answer, Pearson Place is over:

HURCO CNC Machining Centers
3, 4, & 5-Axis HURCO CNC Machining Centers

•    100,000 square feet of space
•    100 tons of steel
•    100 piles to bedrock
•    1000 cubic yards of concrete
•    750 panes of glass
•    50 computer controlled machines
•    1,000,000 BTUs of heat
•    250 tons of cooling
•    5000 amps of power
•    400 person capacity

But what it REALLY is…

The best-equipped engineering and advanced manufacturing facility in the Northeast whose capabilities push the boundaries of technological innovation.

Change of plans

Hyperjet 90K plus PSI abrasive waterjet cutting machines

Today, due to the increased production demands at Boyce Technologies, we are excited to announce we have put some of our new waterjet, laser cutting machines, and machining centers online, a full month ahead of schedule!

We are now better equipped to meet capacity and increase production for a variety of advanced manufacturing projects. “Bringing in hyper-jet technology, we are increasing our waterjet production by 45% per machine.  And I’m even more excited about the advancements with our laser technology.  We just cut a program that used to take 13 hours on the waterjet and finished in just over 2 hours on the laser.  Now that is an increase in productivity.  What these machines are capable of doing is mind-blowing,” says Jesse Guss, Director of Integration. With more spindles and cutting heads, we are even more capable of meeting the most challenging opportunities.

What’s to come?

Every day, brick by brick, we are getting closer to completion of the new Boyce Technologies Pearson Place Headquarters. “There is fantastic progress on the erection of the steel super-structure which is the key to the rest of the project.

Pearson Place Steel Superstructure
Pearson Place Steel Super Structure

It’s monumental. We’re excited about the installation of the exterior skin and the development of the interior components that will include the new corporate center and all the amenities for the staff and the mezzanine spaces. I think Boyce is considering not only the welfare of their employees who are going to spend every day working here and wants to give them a wonderful place to work which represents the best of American industry and innovation, but they’re also giving back to the overall community. So that’s a success story right there. This is what American Industry should be about,“ says architect Lori Kupfer.

“We have a building in a building which is pretty unique. We are building a structure inside of this structure that is going to support the office space, which will look out towards Manhattan. I’m sure that is unique in Long Island City. There is no manufacturing facility, I think, you will find on this side of the river that you are going to have a view of Manhattan. Most manufacturing facilities are old and antiquated; this is going to be something unique in this market. I’m very excited for Charles for what he is building here and his vision and making that a reality for him,” says Frank Niedzielski, General Contractor, Royal Davico, Inc.

Today, our improved capacity is ready to go! We are only constrained by our imagination. We are ready to help you build your next big idea.

Contact us to see how Boyce Technologies can be your advanced manufacturing partner.


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