Employee Spotlight: Roy Preddie, CNC Machine Manager

Roy Preddie CNC Machine ManagerBoyce Technologies has grown to be one of the top CNC machining centers in the United States. With our investments in the latest Hurco USA Max 5 controllers and a current total fleet of 21 CNC machines, our capabilities can deliver innovative solutions to any challenge from our customers. Ensuring these CNC machines run flawlessly is Roy Preddie, CNC Machine Manager.

Roy Preddie supervises all the Hurco CNC machines at Boyce Technologies. Roy and his team of CNC machinists receive parts to cut from the CAD Design team and then test to see if the parts work together seamlessly.

Roy was a part of the original core team of developers of the New York City Transit’s Help Point Unit, along with Charles Boyce and Chris Ramirez. “When I joined Boyce Technologies, it was only three people. Then I came aboard. I’ve been here ever since,” says Preddie.

Roy, who takes the NYC Subway to work every day and sees the Help Point Units throughout the subway system, is proud to have served New York City and see the imprint he has left with his hard work. “I was involved with the first Help Point Unit ever made. Today, we have many different people involved in various aspects of the manufacturing, but when we made the first 25 Help Points, I had a hand in every single aspect of it. From the machining and painting to designing and running parts. Charles and I used to go upstate every week, and we would be up there for days at a time, designing and redesigning and working to get it to work perfectly. So, just seeing them all over New York City right now is fulfilling, to say the least,” shares Preddie. “There is something to be said about just getting on a train every morning and at every single station you pass, there is a product there you had a hand in.”
With a Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering from his native country Jamaica, Roy has used his academic background to help him excel in his current position. Roy has previously worked for Nissan as an automotive engineer and helped troubleshoot electronics. “I knew a lot about engineering but not a lot about Hurcos. Charles trained me how to operate the Hurco machine initially. Using a Hurco is a lot about writing programs, which was a bit familiar, but there was still a learning curve. Once I got the hang of it, it got easier,” says Preddie.

CNC Machine Shop at Boyce TechnologiesAnother source of pride for Roy is witnessing the growth of Boyce Technologies from its infancy. “I don’t think Boyce Technologies is a small company anymore. We’ve grown a lot, we’ve learned a lot. We’re moving forward. We’ve taken on new jobs, new challenges.” says Preddie. When asked what he expects with the new Boyce Technologies expansion, Preddie shares “I’m not sure exactly what to expect because a lot of times we’re making Help Points one minute and the next minute we’re creating doghouses. And these are extraordinary doghouses! (Roy laughs). It’s loaded with technology, and that’s what we do. It’s the technology part of it that we focus on. Who knows what the future is going to bring, but whatever the future brings, I’m looking forward to it.”

His words of wisdom for any person considering a career in engineering, Preddie shares “Take nothing for granted. Information is power. Learn as much as you can. Always keep an open ear, there’s always people trying to give advice and you’re never too old to learn something new. It’s challenging, it’s fulfilling, but it’s a great opportunity.” Roy Preddie is an invaluable part of our team, and we’re grateful to have his expertise and leadership at Boyce Technologies.


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