Boyce Technologies Celebrates Mid-Year Successes!

Boyce Technologies MilestoneSo far in 2015, Boyce Technologies has manufactured over 500 Wireless Help Points, over 200 base Access Nodes, and over 1000 Custom Bracket assemblies.  BTI has also introduced, designed and shipped 300 6516U Access Nodes (with lithium ion battery backup capability and redundant power supply) and designed and commissioned 7LE and Montague Radio Systems.

These company milestones are a testament to the dedication of our team of designers, programmers, engineers, assembly crew, field technicians, project managers, and administrative team. “One deadline done. A million to go. A great job by Boyce Technologies!” says Nisha Menon, Legal Counsel of Boyce Technologies.

Boyce Technologies 2015 Mid Year PartyWe thought this would be a great time to celebrate! Boyce Technologies hosted a 2015 Mid-Year Success Celebration at Anable Sailing Bar & Grill, in Long Island City. We got together to applaud our hard work and success with our friends and family! Lots of food, drinks, and face painting took place.

Boyce Technologies continues designing and creating the most innovative and reliably manufactured products that keep our transit systems safe and connected. We are proud of achieving these milestones, and can’t wait to accomplish our current and future projects.



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