Employee Spotlight: Commissary Chef Jose Espinal

Boyce Technologies Chef EspinalBoyce Technologies is continuously developing creative and innovative ways to develop our Public Safety Security and Communications Systems. This creativity is also apparent in our cafeteria, where Commissary Chef Jose Espinal cooks up daily breakfast and lunch meals for the BTI Team.  We felt our employees’ time wasn’t well spent searching for a bite to eat in the neighborhood.  Therefore, our team enjoys healthy prepared meals to satisfy a variety of tastes. Our team gets to enjoy their lunch together, socialize, build camaraderie, and continue to brainstorm about our next innovations.

Chef Jose Espinal has been a chef for over 10 years, perfecting his craft under Chef Henry Meer of City Hall Restaurant in New York City. Afterwards, he went on to work at Nikki Beach Midtown (Manhattan), and Grotto Azzurra in Little Italy, NYC.  While Jose had a great apprenticeship under Chef Meer, he credits his love for cooking to his mother in his native Dominican Republic.  Chef Espinal practiced at home, and started waiting tables at restaurants in his country.

When first approached about the opportunity of being a chef at Boyce Technologies, Espinal was intrigued. “My first thought was technology and food don’t mix (laughing), but when I arrived they showed me the entire kitchen area then I felt at ease. Charles gave me the job, and I feel great.”

When asked how he goes about developing the menu, Espinal said “Many times the team gives me ideas. Someone wants one thing today and tomorrow someone wants something else. Everyday I prepare everything fresh, I cut everything here, we cook at the moment, and I everyone is very happy with the food. The food is very healthy. I don’t use MSG products, which isn’t good. I don’t use any processed items, for example when preparing chicken, I make the chicken stock fresh which is a much better alternative.”

So what has emerged as the best dish for the Boyce Technologies team?  Espinal reveals, “There is no favorite here.  Everyone is different. For example, I know Charles favorite is steak. That is definitely his favorite! The rest of the team like how I prepare the chicken, some like pepper steak, some like roast beef. Here we have a mix of everything. I try to make everyone happy, although at times that may be difficult, but I aim to do it always.”

Chef Espinal has also seen the benefit this has brought to the team. “Well I believe for the work that they do, when they get to eat here they are able to concentrate more on their job at hand. By providing lunch to all the employees the team always gets to stay united. It is something that is very good. I believe that Boyce Technologies is a good company and is growing because the people are saying one of the benefits is that Boyce Technologies provides meals, we have everything here, and everyone is happy. That is very important.”

Charles Boyce adds, “The addition of Chef Jose Espinal to the Boyce Technologies team has been a game changer.  Of course, we get the benefit of great a great meal every day, but we have seen a boost in morale of the team due to everyone being able to sit together and enjoy a meal together and build those relationships. Plus it keeps some money in their pockets since these services are provided at no charge to the staff. We’re thrilled with the quality of the food we get daily from Chef Espinal, and even more thrilled with the impact it has had on our growing company.”

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