Boyce Technologies host HARTING Roadshow Truck Launch

Boyce Technologies Harting Roadshow Truck LaunchBoyce Technologies was honored to host the HARTING Roadshow Truck Launch Event at our one of facilities in New York City. HARTING USA develops, manufactures and sells the world’s most durable and reliable products and solutions for use in mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distribution as well as industrial electronics and telecommunication. Their new HARTING Roadshow Truck brings HARTING’s reliable, time-tested connectivity solutions to your doorstep, making it easy to find the right connectivity solution for your applications.

HARTING USA is an invaluable partner to Boyce Technologies, and when we heard they were considering hosting their event in New York, Boyce Technologies was thrilled to extend the invitation to Jon DeSouza, President and CEO of HARTING, Inc. of North America.

During the introduction of the HARTING Truck, Charles Boyce shared “when John first talked to me about the truck I insisted that it be debuted in New York, then we had the crazy idea of it being inside one of our facilities. That was before I realized we had to take the front of the building to get in here, and then we needed structural work so it didn’t go down to the basement!  I think that is what partners do for each other.”

In his introduction Charles explained Boyce Technologies’ methodology and how HARTING is such an integral part of our processes, “We have a modular approach to our product line. We take those manufactured parts, we build sub-assemblies, we build other sub-components and we integrate them together and build modular life safety communications array of equipment.

The modular approach allows easy upgradability and maintainability and offers many good manufacturing benefits. When you have a modular approach the most important thing is the module itself. It is how the equipment interconnects with the other. HARTING provides that connection. Not just in the thousands of parts that are available, but with everything we need”.

Boyce Technologies Harting Roadshow Truck Ribbon CuttingJon DeSouza then shared his thoughts on the strong relationship with Boyce Technologies “I like to thank Charles Boyce and Boyce Technologies. Charles is a business partner, he is a great customer and a great friend.  When we talked about launching this project, we thought about two locations, California and Belgium. In the end of the day we said “there is no better place than New York” and when we decided to launch here the first person I thought about was Charles Boyce and the rest was history.”

In describing the new HARTING Roadshow Truck, DeSouza continued, “In the end of the day, we believe nothing replaces that face to face interaction with our customers. So we talked about compiling all this technology and information and putting on a truck, a mobile tradeshow, and take it on the road. So our customers can see the products themselves.

I’m really really excited about what it is going to do for our customers, and help our customers.”

Christina Chatfield, Director of Marketing Communications, was also on hand for the ribbon cutting, and debuted the HARTING Roadshow Truck video:

Boyce Technologies continues to build Public Safety Security and Communications Systems, and the HARTING connection is key to our success.

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